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All that itches is not Thrush


Advice is often sought about irritation and itching in and around the vagina.

It is common to associate this with vaginal thrush, and the usual request is “could I have a cream for thrush please?”

Sometimes the patient is insistent, and does not wish to engage about the problem, quite sure that the cream will do the job. This is understandable, as many feel embarrassed about discussing this problem. But unless there are specific symptoms that point strongly to thrush, it is important to ensure that other causes are not the problem.

Jane asked for some thrush cream, and volunteered that she had already used one tube purchased  elsewhere, but with little result. She was concerned she was not getting better, but thought she needed another cream.

Not all vaginal irritations are thrush, and this should always be kept in mind. Sometimes there is no infection at all, thrush or otherwise, and the problem is due to other causes. In such cases, thrush treatments are not indicated and should not be used.

Ensure that you are conversant with what constitutes thrush – We have an excellent fact card available free of charge to our patients.

Better still never just assume you have thrush without consulting one of our pharmacists.

We have both male and female pharmacists available for consultation on this problem if you are bashful.

By Joe Demarte B.Pharm. F.P.S.
Lygon Court Amcal Chemist. (03) 9347 6310

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